Long Service Leave

Long service leave is a period of paid leave granted to an employee who has served for an extended period of employment with UniSA. The details around this entitlement are contained in the applicable industrial instrument, and consolidated in the Long Service Leave Procedure.


A full-time employee who has ten years of full-time service is entitled to 65 days of long-service leave. For every additional year of full-time service, they will be entitled to another 6.5 days. Employees who have had part-time service will entitled to an equivalent pro-rata long-service leave entitlement.

Casual employees with continuous service of 10 years or more, will also be entitled to a pro-rata long service leave entitlement. Accrual is based on the hours worked over the period of the contract(s). Please refer to the Long Service Leave for Casuals Procedure for further information.

Below is an example of the accruals at 10 years:

Average Service Fraction
(Full time equivalent)
Accrued LSL at 10 years
(Working days)


0.9 58.5
0.8 52
0.7 45.5
0.6 39
0.5 32.5
0.4 26


Taking Leave

Where an employee has a long-service leave entitlement, they may apply to access this entitlement by submitting a request through the myHR portal. All leave requests are subject to approval.

A period of long-service leave must be for a continuous period of no less than 1 working day. Exceptions may be provided for this subject to the procedures.

You may also be able to use your long-service leave entitlements to cash-in the entitlement as a lump sum payment while in service. Please refer to Long Service Leave (Cash In) for more information.

Further information

Please contact your local People, Talent and Culture (PTC) coordinator/contact or Payroll Services at PayrollServices@unisa.edu.au or phone ext 22911 if you would like further information about your Long service leave entitlements.