Staff Member's Job Evaluation Q&A

Questions to help you understand the evaluation process are provided below. Your local people team are best placed to advise you with general HR/people related queries.

Either a staff member or their supervisor may initiate discussions about the classification of the position. Although this will ideally occur during a performance management discussion, it can occur at other times when there has been significant change in the scope and functions of the position.

No. Job evaluation is about the requirements of the position, rather than the experience or skills that the staff member may have. Acquisition of new skills, knowledge or qualifications is not in itself grounds for an increased classification level. These are only relevant where they are necessary to perform the range of core functions of the position. Staff are encouraged to acquire new skills, knowledge and qualifications to ensure their competencies remain consistent with the ongoing needs of the position and to increase their ability to compete for higher level positions.

A position can be considered for evaluation if there is a belief that the responsibilities and requirements of the position have changed.

The Application for Reclassification/Job Questionnaire form should be completed and forwarded to your supervisor for endorsement.

A detailed list of steps involved in the evaluation process can be found here.

This questionnaire has been designed to assist both the staff member in the process and the Remuneration Team to understand the nature and scope of the role. The additional information will support the position description and will be used with the organisational structural chart to aid the evaluation of the position.

Your local PTC staff member or the Remuneration Team is available to help you on any aspect of the evaluation process or the Job Questionnaire. You may also contact a union representative for assistance.

If there are differences in the response to questions, you should first try to talk about them with your supervisor. Your local PTC staff member will facilitate this process to ensure both parties’ views are considered and that agreement is reached where possible. Where agreement cannot be reached a commentary will be provided with the questionnaire outlining the reasons for the disagreement.

It is important to provide as much supporting information as possible so that the Remuneration Team will be in a position to understand the complexity and scope of the role. The Remuneration Team and/or your local PTC staff member may also meet with you and your Supervisor to gain a better understanding of the role.

You will need to provide your current PD, an updated PD with any additional duties and responsibilities listed, an organisational structure chart for your area, a completed Job Questionnaire and any other information which may assist in evaluating your position. You may also wish to provide a copy of your performance management documentation. Your supervisor and local PTC staff member are available to assist you with collating this information.

Inform your local PTC staff member and arrange to meet with your supervisor to discuss the changes. Your local PTC staff member will facilitate this process as required and will be able to obtain other relevant PDs if necessary. Your local PTC staff member is responsible for maintaining the PDs for the local area.

Your local PTC staff member is available to facilitate the finalisation of the PD and attempt to resolve any differences.

Yes. Your supervisor plays an important part in the job evaluation process by providing valuable feedback and support and to clarify the expectations of the position.

You will need to involve all supervisors in the process, as each Supervisor will need to be involved in the completion of the Application for Reclassification / Job Questionnaire form. The level of involvement may differ depending on the nature of the reporting relationship. The supervisors are able to provide separate commentary depending on their specific requirements. The position may be separated where differing work value exists between the work provided to the different supervisors. The staff member would then occupy two separate positions with a total fraction of no greater than 1.0.

Your application will still be considered by the Remuneration Team. Any points of disagreement should be documented and included with the application. A Remuneration Team member will then explore the points of disagreement in more detail as required and you will be provided with an opportunity for the right of reply to any comments made. Financial constraints are not a consideration in the evaluation of the position.

An indicative timeline of 20 working days has been established but sometimes further information or exploration is required which may delay the process slightly. All efforts are made to ensure the process is completed within the shortest possible timeframe.

Your Supervisor will inform you of the evaluation outcome and provide you with a confirmation letter from the Remuneration Team.

The reclassification will take effect from the date you and your supervisor signed the Application for Reclassification/Job Questionnaire.

If your application is unsuccessful, your supervisor and local PTC staff member will provide you with feedback. This will give you an opportunity to discuss and address any issues of concern (e.g. reallocation of workload or the provision of higher duties for short-term initiatives, etc). If the position is classified downwards, you will retain your classification level and you and your supervisor - with the assistance of your local PTC staff member - will review the responsibilities of the position to reflect the original classification. This may include additional or higher level responsibilities and changes to the PD to reflect this expectation. Your performance plan will need to reflect the expectations within your PD.

Increased workload should not be confused with increased work value, as it may be that the additional duties have the same work value as the existing duties. Reclassification can only be considered when there are significant changes to the work value of the position.

Increased workload should be addressed by the supervisor as a workforce planning and resource issue. If you have an issue with the volume of your work, you may discuss this with your supervisor at any time or as part of your performance management discussion. Your local PTC staff member is able to assist as required. Refer to the applicable industrial instruments for information about workload.

There is an expectation that, wherever possible, a dispute over the evaluation of the position will be resolved at the local level. If the matter remains unresolved, you may consider lodging a dispute in accordance with the dispute resolution process in the applicable industrial instrument.