Remuneration and Reward

Remuneration and Reward design, develop and implement a range of reward and recognition strategies and frameworks to enable our workforce to achieve optimal performance through ensuring the University’s workforce is engaged, recognised, retained and rewarded for the work they do.

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How we support you:

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  • Development of Remuneration & Reward strategies & frameworks 
  • Partner with internal and external stakeholders to provide expert advice on Senior Staff and HLP remuneration
  • Stewardship of Senior Staff Employment Arrangements
  • Contribute recommendations to Senior Remuneration Committee and provide Executive Officer support
  • Market benchmarking & remuneration reviews 
  • Remuneration & reward analysis 





Your Remuneration and Reward Team:

Emma Gardiner

Senior Manager: Remuneration and Reward

Tracy White

  • Consultant: Remuneration

Marilize Futcher

  • Coordinator: Remuneration and Reward