Information for UniSuper members

If you have an existing membership with UniSuper, this will continue until such time as you submit a Choice of Fund election form or cease employment with UniSA.

Accumulation 1 to Defined Benefit Division

Fixed term and continuing staff with membership of Accumulation 1 may elect to join the Defined Benefit Division if they are approved by UniSuper. If you want to discuss this option, please contact UniSuper, or make an appointment with their On-Campus Consultant.

Defined Benefit Division to Accumulation 2

If you're a member of the Defined Benefit Division and you're still in the first 24 months of membership, you may be eligible to transfer to Accumulation 2. UniSuper has information to assist you in comparing the two divisions, however you may wish to speak to UniSuper's On-Campus Consultant to establish whether you are eligible and answer any questions you may have.

Defined Benefit Division members and changes to your employment conditions

Changes in your employment conditions (i.e. changing your working hours, a salary increase, etc) can impact your super. We encourage all staff to contact UniSuper to understand how employment condition changes may impact you and your super.

UniSuper’s On-Campus Consultant can explain how changes in employment can impact your defined benefit formula, and what options you might have. If you would like to discuss your situation, book an appointment online.

Managing your UniSuper online and on the go

UniSuper's online portal, MemberOnline, allows you to manage and track your UniSuper account when you want, where you want. You can monitor transactions and investment performance, track your balance, update your personal details, arrange rollvers and more.

Once you've registered for MemberOnline, you can also download the UniSuper mobile app to check your balance, investment options, recent transactions, insurance cover and much more.

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