Remuneration Structure

Definitions linked to salary matters are set out below to help you understand the terms used.

Base Salary

Annual salary as defined in the relevant industrial instrument excluding any allowances or additional payments.

Total Remuneration

Base salary plus:

  • Regular allowances (paid in accordance with relevant industrial instruments); and
  • Annual leave loading

Total Employment Package/Cost

Total employment cost is a term used to describe the sum of all cash and non-cash benefits employees receive including:

  • Annual taxable salary
  • Flexible benefits (eg salary sacrifice, car, leave loading)
  • Non-flexible benefits (eg employer superannuation)
  • Fringe benefits tax (where applicable)
  • Cost of fringe benefits and non-fringe benefits
  • Cost of fringe benefits tax

For example:

Gross Base salary $60,000
Employer superannuation contributions of 17% $10,200
Annual leave loading $805
Total employment package$71,005