Death of a Staff Member

In the event that the University is notified of the death of a member of staff there are a number of activities that will be necessary. First and foremost is to extend our sympathies to the family when we are contacted and to let them know that we are committed to supporting them during this difficult time.

Each circumstance is likely to be different therefore the People Talent and Culture team should be contacted to guide the support and communication provided so that the family’s distress is minimised. The Employee Assistance Program should be offered to the family with information provided on how to access the program and what they can expect from it.

The staff guideline is available to ensure that the situation is handled sensitively and all matters are considered as appropriate. In the event that the staff member is also a student then a joint approach to supporting family, colleagues and fellow students will be provided.

Staff or managers who are informed of a staff member's death should contact their local People, Talent and Culture team immediately.