Register of Personal Interests – Senior Staff

Our Management of Conflict of Interest Policy requires all senior staff of the University, as defined by the Senior Staff Collective Agreement 2006, to register their personal interests, both pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests, on appointment, and on an annual basis or when their interests change. Registration of these interests is made by completing the Register of Personal Interests Form (Senior Staff) which is then forwarded to the People, Talent and Culture Unit and stored in a confidential register and in a confidential file on your personal file. All pecuniary and non-pecuniary interest(s) which could give rise to an actual, potential or perceived conflict must be included on the form.

Senior staff will be required to review their details on an annual basis and when their interests change

This requirement is in addition to the University’s annual management certification process and the annual requirement for all members of the Enterprise Leadership Team (ELT) to declare whether they have had any related party transactions with the University of South Australia (UniSA) during the previous calendar year

Failure to disclose or avoid a conflict of interest

Failure to disclose or avoid a conflict of interest is a breach of this policy and a potential breach of the Code and could result in disciplinary action for misconduct/serious misconduct in line with the provisions of the current UniSA Enterprise Agreement.

Any reasonable suspicion of corruption, or serious or systemic misconduct or maladministration resulting from failure to disclose, address or manage conflicts of interest will be reported to the Office of Public Integrity.