Information for NEW staff

From 1 November 2021, all new staff will be offered the choice of which superannuation fund (Choice of Fund) their employer superannuation (super) contributions will be paid to.

When you accept your online offer of employment, you will be prompted to elect your preferred super fund by completing a Choice of Fund election form. 

If you do not submit a valid Choice of Fund election form, the University will pay your super contributions to: 

  1. your Single Default Account (SDA), if you have one; or
  2. the University’s nominated default super fund, if you do not have an SDA. 

A Single Default Account (‘stapled account’) is an existing super account which is linked, or 'stapled', to an individual so that it follows them as they change employers.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will provide details of an existing super account, when requested by UniSA, if you do not provide UniSA with a valid Choice of Fund election form.

If you want to check what super funds the ATO has registered for you, you can view these details through your myGov account.

The University’s nominated default super fund is UniSuper. If you do not submit a valid Choice of Fund election form, and the ATO is unable to provide a stapled account for you, we will create a UniSuper Accumulation 1 account for you.

Existing UniSuper members

If you are an existing UniSuper member and want to continue your current membership, please complete the UniSuper Digital Choice of Fund election form (below).

Can I change my super fund after I have completed a Choice of Fund election form?

Yes - you can nominate a new fund once in a 12-month period. Simply provide a valid Choice of Fund election form with the required documentation and submit your request via the AskPTC Enquiry Form

Can I make additional contributions to my super?

Yes - you can make additional contributions to your nominated super fund. Find out more about this process here

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