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Domestic travel restrictions are currently in place.  The situation is constantly changing.  See Important Travel News for details on how to access the latest information.

Please note: All travel is currently required to go through an essential travel assessment prior to ticketing.

The following steps are required to be undertaken:-

  1. Discuss your travel requirement with your Line Manager/Supervisor to ensure the proposed travel is classed as essential;
  2. If so, complete a BTR (Business Travel Request) click the link below, with your travel requirements, and;
  3. Complete the essential travel questionnaire click the link below for Policies and Forms (ensure the questionnaire is signed by the traveller and submit to the Travel Team member looking after your request.

Starting a new booking?

Please click the following link to commence your Appian Business Travel Request:

Pre-Arranged Travel

The Vice Chancellor mandated the completion of the BTR within Appian for all travellers whether paid for/booked by the University or Pre-Arranged by the traveller, when on University related travel.

This directive was distributed on 26th August 2019 and was implemented to mitigate ALL possible risks.

Pre-Arranged Travel is classified as University related travel arranged and paid for by the traveller or a third party. All Pre-Arranged Travel for Univesity travellers (staff, students or visitors travelling on University endorsed activity) is required to be submitted via a BTR.

Please click on the following link to create the Appian BTR:-

The completion of the BTR enables the University Travel Team to:-

  • guarantee the appropriate insurances are in place for the traveller prior to travelling;
  • confirm the traveller is not affected by sanctions, export controls or high-risk locations as stipulated by DFAT;
  • ensure the traveller has completed a University OH&S declaration and Essential Travel Questionnaire;
  • locate travellers affected by an emergency situation in a specific location; and
  • reach out and assist as necessary

NOTE: all self-funded travellers are able to obtain a no obligation travel quote(s) from the Travel Team by submitting a BTR. If accepted, the ticket can be paid for personally by the traveller/third party and still receive the above benefits.

There are multiple disadvantages to the travellers and the University when bookings are made directly with a retail travel agent or airline.

The University cannot assist as the Travel Team:-

  • has no control of the booking, therefore cannot request amendments/cancellations, or even discuss the booking with an airline;
  • has no insight of the booking or subsequent amendments, especially during travel;
  • has no control of the potential lost savings to the individual or University - the University maintains contracts with airlines and therefore discounts are provided at the point of sale;
  • cannot immediately locate travellers in an emergency as per the University's duty of care responsibilities;
  • cannot provide prompt emergency assistance; and
  • cannot manage credits and refunds to minimise any future loss.

The unfortunate experience of COVID-19 highlighted the very real issue travellers experienced when they book directly with a retail Travel Agent or Airline. Travellers:-

  • couldn't get through to airlines or Travel Agents for assistance due to demand and understaffing - the Travel Team facilitated flight changes directly due to direct system access, therefore avoiding the need to reach out to already overworked call centres;
  • were informed when it was too late that flights were cancelled - the Travel Team had access to flight cancellations and schedules in advance due to system access;
  • had no direct contact to assist them urgently - the Travel Team has direct access to airline Account Managers to fix problems or issues in a timely manner;
  • struggled to manage credits, refunds and insurance claims - the Travel Team manages all refunds and credits whilst submitting travel insurance claims on behalf of the travellers to mitigate as much financial loss as possible.

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