• Insurer:  National Transport Insurance
  • Policy No:  46065340

The University has purchased a transit policy to cover:

  • Transportation of "goods" from Campus to Campus - Consisting of desks, computers, office equipment and scientific equipment.
  • Transportation of "goods" within Australia and overseas - Consisting of furniture, computers and electronic equipment, scientific equipment and instruments, and property we have accepted responsibility to insure.
  • Transportation of Artworks within Australia.
  • Research Samples are not automatically insured in transit.  Please contact the Insurance Office if this cover is required).

With differing policy limits of liability and excess amounts.

Conditions to note:

  • Cover is automatic for domestic artwork transits up to $200,000 per conveyance.
  • Cover is automatic for domestic transit of 'goods' up to $200,000 and overseas transit of 'goods' up to $200,000 per conveyance (the policy excludes cover to high risk countries, please contact the Insurance Office for clarification).
  • All "goods" must be professionally packed.
  • Transit limits are per conveyance. A conveyance is the total value of goods being moved at the one time, not their individual values.
  • If the value of a conveyance exceeds policy limits you will need to complete a Transit Declaration Form (DOCX 21.8KB) and send it to the Insurance Office for processing.
  • Additional premiums for extensions to the transit policy apply and payment is the responsibility of the cost centre involved.
  • Please allow 5 working days, prior to transit, for processing.
  • Equipment will need to be completely checked and assessed for damage upon arrival and return. This should be considered when any signatures are requested on delivery paperwork. According to the Policy Wording, 10.1.4, the University's obligation is: "On receipt of any suspect or obviously damaged goods, note the extent and type of damage on the consignment note or similar document".