Student Placement

Students undertaking University approved Placement / Work Experience / Field Trips / Site Visits are provided with relevant insurance by the University as detailed above.

Students do not receive workers compensation entitlements when undertaking unpaid placement.

Conditions for Insurance Cover while on Placement:

  • The Placement is relevant to the students current Program of study.
  • The Placement is University approved by way of a completed FS23 form(staff access only) or Affiliation Agreement.
  • The FS23 form or Affiliation Agreement has been signed by the host organisation.
  • No payment for services is being received by the student.
  • The Placement does not exceed 20 weeks for Compulsory Placements or 4 weeks for Voluntary Placements.
  • The Placement does not extend past the students study end date (specifically once the student has qualified to graduate).
  • Placements in the USA or Canada can not be approved without first seeking advice from the Insurance Office. There are limitations on the insurance we hold in these countries.