Commercial Support Team

The Commercial Support team is part of the University's Finance Unit. Its main purpose is to provide specialist commercial, corporate structuring, taxation and insurance advice to the University community. Services also include:

  • Commercial review of contracts
  • Commercial review of Off Shore Program arrangements
  • Strategic taxation advice
  • FBT and GST determinations
  • Insurance risk analysis
  • Insurance policy advice and claims management

Commercial Support arranges the training requirements and performs the reporting of risk mitigation in respect to the University's Competition and Consumer Act (CCA) obligations. If you have any questions, please refer to the following:

  • University's Legal Services
  • Competition and Consumer Act Compliance

Contact The Commercial Support Team

Sam Cooper Manager: Commercial Support 83021439
Kristian Thoroughgood Tax Accountant 83021922
Rae Barclay

Consultant: Insurance 0.6 (Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday) 83021678
Helen Bagnell Consultant: Insurance 0.4 (Thursday/Friday) 83021678
Alison Loffler Insurance Officer 0.6 (Monday/Tuesday/Friday)