General Insurance

All insurance policies are subject to policy definitions, limits of liability, duty of disclosure, cover benefits and conditions and applicable excesses. These may not all be listed on this website. Changes to the Insurance Policies may occur throughout the policy year.

For further information visit the General Insurance FAQs page.

If you have any other questions or require details of any University insurance policy, please contact the Insurance Office on 08 8302 1678.

  • Liability insurance policies have limitations regarding USA and Canada.
  • No admission of liability is to be made to third parties.
  • UniSA has a Duty of Disclosure which obligates us to notify the Insurer of any activities that may increase their risk, or possibly give rise to a future claim. Therefore you must declare any major changes in your areas activities and any incidents that have occurred.
  • Policies expire on 01/11 each year including Medical Malpractice insurance