Travel Team

The UniSA Travel Team is focused on the processes relating to travel activities that support:

  • Staff
  • Students and
  • Visitors

within the University including all:

  • Domestic and international travel
  • Associated accommodation
  • Ground transportation.

The Travel Team are located at 101 Currie Street, Level 2 and are part of the Finance Unit reporting to the Procurement Category Manager: Travel, Joanne Amey.

All new business travel requests are required to be submitted via the Online Business Travel Request Form (BTR). The Travel Team will prepare the appropriate quotes based on the submitted BTR information for the traveller to review and select your preferences. At which point, the Travel Team will seek VCA Approval for Travel on your behalf and provide you with a complete Trip Folder containing all relevant confirmations and additional information related to the booking.

FAQ's on the Centralised Travel Process

The Travel Team have created a list of frequently asked questions relating to travel. Please click here to view these.

Starting a new booking?

Please click the following link to commence your Business Travel Request:

Online Business Travel Request Form (BTR)

Contact the Travel Team

Jo Amey Procurement Category Manager: Travel 830 22563
Adele Hoy Travel Administrator 830 26430
Adele Nugent Travel Administrator 830 26430
Stephanie Lianos Travel Administrator 830 26430
Toni Kirkland Travel Administrator 830 26430
Nicole Carneiro Assistant Travel Administrator 830 26430