Corporate Travel Insurance

  • Insurer:  Chubb Insurance Ltd
  • Policy No:  Staff (this policy applies to PhD students): 03PP005662  |  Students: 03PP006335

UniSA will automatically insure the following persons while travelling on behalf of UniSA:

  • staff
  • senior staff spouse and children
  • students undertaking study related travel
  • research students
  • non-employees for whom the University arranges and in most cases funds travel

You must registration of all travel plans via completion of a Business Travel Request (‘BTR’) form; which is a mandatory requirement for all staff and students travelling as part of a university program.

To access the BTR, navigate to your Business Travel portal in Appian. Your portal provides links to the BTR form and your Traveller Profile (which must be updated before each request), as well as links to your current and historic BTRs (when initiated within Appian).

University Travel Insurance coverage is automatically assessed based on your specific answers given within the BTR, follow any directions given in relation to Travel Insurance Cover which appear at the end of the BTR process.

Unless travel arrangements are registered on a BTR prior to commencement of travel, lodging a claim for any event giving rise to a claim, will be problematic.    

It is also strongly recommended that staff and students resister their travel plans with the Australian Government's Smarttraveller service:

Further information:

To obtain an Insurance Certificate of Currency.