Journey Insurance

  • Insurer:  Chubb Insurance Limited
  • Policy No:  03PJ005685

This policy is designed to cover death, disablement or loss of income (subject to a 7 day excess) and a lump sum benefit for fractured bones, following an accident while travelling directly to or from work. The policy has been extended to also cover authorised meal breaks. This would include any staff activities in relation to participating in VC Cup during your authorised meal break.

This policy does not extend to cover medical expenses as these will be covered under with either Medicare, Private Health Insurance or CTP.

If you are the third party involved in a Motor Vehicle accident you would claim under the Compulsory Third Party Bodily Injury insurance included in vehicle registration before attempting to claim against the University's Journey insurance.

All staff who suffer an accident whilst in the workplace are directed to contact People Talent Culture for advice on Workers Compensation (also for a definition on "workplace").