Tips when Referring Contracts for Insurance Review

Due to a significant number of contracts under review at any one time in order to ensure an efficient service and turnaround for your enquiry, we request the:

  • Referring of the contract to the Insurance Office at the earliest opportunity; it can be at the same time that a contract is referred to UniSA Legal team.  Please note that the Insurance Office has a standard 5-day turnaround time
  • Provision of a summary to the contract including: the contracting parties, the purpose, a brief description of the activity, any historic negotiation information that may be relevant for Insurance Office considerations.
  • Specifying the aspects of the contract requiring review
  • Attachment of all relevant documents
  • If the matter is urgent, specify the latest date/time that a response is required by.  The insurance Office will do their best to meet the deadline but may be unable to due to competing priorities.  This is especially true if the deadline given is very short.
  • Please do not attach lengthy email trails or attach a multitude of historic emails for the Insurance Office to wade through prior to being able to review the contract, relevant historic information should be captured in the summary referred to above.