Insurance cover for Research Projects

Important Notice

There have been recent changes to the way we record and assess insurance for research projects. Most information is now provided directly to insurers from the details you provide in your UniSA Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) Ethics Application.

Approval of your ethics protocol by UniSA HREC normally means that you are covered by the University's insurance policies in relation to your research project.

Individual Insurance Assessment

However in a limited number of circumstances research applications will require individual assessment against UniSA insurance policies. These circumstances are:

  • Research conducted in the USA or Canada which involves live human participants (this does not include online questionnaires).
  • Any Clinical Trials research.
  • Any research that has received prior approval from an external ethics committee.

If your research falls into any of the above categories, and this will be determined by the answers you provide in your ethics application, the Ethics team (UniSA Research Office) will contact you to obtain additional information not available on your application form. You will then submit this information to the Insurance Office and an individual insurance assessment will be made of your project (allow 5 working days for processing).

The Research Project Insurance Application shows the additional information that will be required by the Insurance Office for an individual insurance assessment should this be required.

**Please note if submitting the Research  Project Insurance Application while accessing VPN system, you will be required to 'Save As' the completed document before attaching to email and send to .

Confirmation of Insurance

If your research does not require individual insurance assessment, you are no longer required to provide UniSA HREC with confirmation of insurance to complete your ethics application.

The following insurance conditions continue to apply to your research:

  • The provision of UniSA insurance is based on you obtaining final ethics approval and ensuring that persons performing treatment or testing are either qualified to perform such treatment or testing, or in the case of students they are appropriately supervised by persons that are qualified.
  • UniSA Insurance does not include cover for third party/sponsor indemnity.
  • UniSA Insurance does not include cover for deliberate breaches of confidentiality, wilful misconduct, or the misuse of information, or similar risks.

If confirmation of insurance for your research has been requested by an external party and you have not been prompted to complete a Research Project Insurance Application, you will need to email the Insurance Office to request this.  Please ensure you attach a copy of your ethics application and any relevant third party contracts/agreements to your email.

Insurance Office contact: 08 8302 1678 or