Teams in the Finance Unit

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The Finance Unit supports the needs of the University with effective financial and commercial practices provided by qualified business partners. The Finance Unit is able to assist you with a range of services, which include Taxation, Insurance, Travel (Domestic/ International), Procurement, and many more. Please use the above links to find out more about the Finance Unit.

Corporate Finance
Forecast and Budget process, Assets, Councillors Questionnaire and more.

Commerical Support
Business case analysis and specialist commercial and corporate structuring advice, Tax and Insurance.

Financial Services
Credit Cards, Payables and Accounts receivable.

Financial Systems
The University's main financial system, Finance One.

Operational Finance
Find the finance teams located locally at each UniSA campus.

Purchasing across the University, including preferred suppliers, tenders and quotes.

Student Load Forecasting
Find information resources, forecasting and analysis to understand the financial implications of University's student load.

The centralised Travel Team and important information for all travelling staff members.

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