Financial Services Team

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The Financial Services Team manages the University's financial processing function including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Credit Cards & Expense Management System and managing Independent Contractor compliance. We are also responsible for:

  • Receipting and Banking Facilities
  • Payment of Academic Subsistence Allowances
  • Overseas and Foreign Currency Payments
  • Management of Finance Forms

Contact Details

Kirsti Evans Manager: Financial Services 83021321
Jossalyn Murphy Senior Financial Services Officer 83021381
Elyse Perin Team Leader: Expense Management 83021482
Elisa Rebelos Financial Services Officer 83021481
Rosanne Rigon Team Leader:
Accounts Receivable (AR) 83021727
Helen Candida AR Officer 83021655
Inge Richards Reconciliation Officer 83021447
Emma Burke Financial Services Officer 83021796
Lidiana Bottin Financial Services Officer 83021653
Lynette Edwards Team Leader:
Accounts Payable (AP) 83022115
Sally Hallsworth AP Officer 83021793
Priya Chacko Financial Services Officer 83021456
Linda Mullen AP Officer 83021984