Travel Insurance

The following people are covered by the University's travel insurance while travelling on behalf of the University anywhere in the world:

  • staff
  • spouse and up to 2 children of Senior Staff
  • students undertaking study related travel (i.e. placement, study tour, exchange)
  • research students
  • non-employees for whom the University arranges and in most cases funds travel

You must register all travel plans via completion of a Business Travel Request (‘BTR’) form; which is a mandatory requirement for all staff and students travelling as part of a university program.

To access the BTR, navigate to your Business Travel portal in Appian. Your portal provides links to the BTR form and your Traveller Profile (which must be updated before each request), as well as links to your current and historic BTRs (when initiated within Appian).

Once you have completed the BTR you are automatically covered by the University Travel Insurance unless you have been given directions to contact University Insurance Office which appear at the end of the BTR process. 

The below image is example of Confirmation Travel Insurance approval. 


Unless travel arrangements are registered on a BTR prior to commencement of travel, lodging a claim for any event giving rise to a claim, will be problematic.    

It is also strongly recommended that staff and student review guidance relating to travel destination with the Australian Governement’s Smartraveller service:

Once you have confirmed your journey is covered under the University's travel insurance, we recommend you print the following pages and carry them with you:

Other Useful Links 

Non urgent enquiries can be directed to the Insurance Office + 61 8 8302 1678.

What is Covered for COVID-19

COVID-19 is now treated the same as any other illness.

If you catch COVID-19 whilst travelling anywhere in the world or prior to departure for travel, or, you are directed to quarantine by an authority, you will be covered in the same manner as for any other illness. 

What is not Covered for COVID-19

For all travel anywhere in the world, there is no cover if authorities announce a travel restriction that is in any way connected with COVID-19 or an outbreak of COVID-19.


Refer to link COVID-19 Table of Insurance Cover


Useful links

The University has partnered with Travel Risk Management Company, Healix International, to offer our staff and students medical, safety and security advice, referrals, emotional support and routine and emergency assistance when travelling or living abroad.

For more information please visit the Travel Health and Safety Webpage.

Chubb Insurance offers UniSA staff and students discounted travel insurance for personal travel ( or alternative is Insurance Council of Australia, Find an insurer If you would like a quote please follow the link.

This link provides access to the Chubb Insurance website. From there you can obtain a quote and proceed to purchase personal travel insurance from Chubb Insurance (Australia) Ltd.

Once you click on this link you will leave the UniSA website. The website you will enter is run by Chubb Insurance. The insurance product is provided by Chubb Insurance. The sale of this product is by Chubb Insurance Ltd and not UniSA. 

UniSA does not provide advice or recommendations for your selection of insurance cover for personal travel. UniSA does not endorse the services provided by Chubb Insurance, or receive remuneration or benefits for making this product available to our staff.

UniSA takes no responsibility for personal non-business-related-travel or insurance. 

All before and after sale service and enquires for personal travel insurance must be directed to Chubb Insurance using the contact details on their website. 

This product is not specifically designed or targeted for your needs as a member of UniSA.

UniSA does not warrant the accuracy completeness or currency of information on Chubb's website. UniSA does not guarantee the availability or accessibility to the website nor that the website will be free of defects, viruses or errors.