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Credit Approvals

Are you thinking about changing programs and wondering what credit you may receive?

  • If you are thinking of changing your program you will need to fill out an application to change program form online.
  • Usually you will need a current Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4 and above to be eligible for a program transfer.
  • In most cases, any common core courses (i.e. a course that has the same name) will be applied as credit toward the new program.
  • You may also find the Credit Assessor tool useful.
  • Any other course/s will be assessed upon application to your new program. You can discuss which courses will be counted towards your new program by making an appointment at the Hub to discuss your options before you apply.

Can I gain credit for work experience?

You may be eligible for work experience credit known as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) if you have been working in the business sector and can demonstrate knowledge in specific areas.

If you think you are eligible for RPL, it is very important you read the RPL Policy before contacting the Hub.

Phone / Email

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Make an Appointment

Pre-booking is now essential. Bookings links have been emailed to all current Business students. Alternatively, please contact us using the details below to book a zoom, phone, or face-to-face appointment:

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Drop-in services remain suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.