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Study plans

What Is A Study Plan?

A Study Plan is a schedule outlining all the courses within your program, the status of each course and when it is recommended you complete your remaining courses.

What is A Prerequisite or a Corequisite?

A pre-requisite is a course you need to have completed before enrolling into one or more of your remaining courses. A pre-requisite course is like a foundation course, it gives you a sound understanding of the knowledge that you will require to enable you to successfully complete the next tier course

A co-requisites is a course that must be studied prior to or at the same time as a specific course.

What Happens If I “fail” my prerequisite or corequisite course and I need help to enrol into my remaining courses ?

Make an appointment to see us at the hub where we will be more than happy to give you advice.

Are you applying for a CoE extension?

If you wish to apply for a CoE extension please fill out the online form and then submit to the hub.

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