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Five things you should know before choosing your electives

  • If you're planning to undertake a Study Tour or Exchange Program you will need to save your electives.
    • Study Tour = 1 elective
    • Exchange Program = 3 to 4 electives
  • Before choosing your electives think about what will complement your degree. What courses will give your degree the "edge"?
  • Choosing courses based on "this one doesn't have an EXAM" may not be the best option.
  • What are employers really looking for? Why not check some recruiting sites and identify what kind of experience or knowledge your dream job requires?
  • Future employers will look at your elective choices!

Don't know how to find your elective options?

You can find all Business electives by clicking on the Business Major/Minor and Elective link

If you have a "free elective" you can choose from any course offered in the University. But don't forget, you still need to meet the prerequisite

Confused about what you should choose?

At the Hub our staff work with the Program Directors and Curriculum Leaders so that they know what electives will help you gain a competitive edge.

We can help you cluster your electives together to form a complementary minor.

Drop into the Hub for advice or make an appointment with an advisor.

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