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Exchange course approval

Can I go on Student Exchange?

All students have the option to enhance their degree by going on an overseas exchange program, however you will need to meet the application criteria:

  1. You will need at least 3 free electives, a GPA of 4+ and no more than 2 fails in your current program.
  2. To apply for Study Period 2 you must apply by 1 August the year before and to apply for Study Period 5 you must apply by 11 January the same year.

Need advice about which courses you can do while on your exchange Program?

You will need to research courses for your overseas exchange yourself and then once you have done this you can make an appointment with your Program Director to discuss your choices.

You can find this information regarding where you would like to go on exchange and which courses you can select from Exchange Partners

Need your Exchange Form Approved?

Once you have decided on your courses fill out the Course Approval form and then make an appointment with your Program Director to have your courses approved...easy!

Don't have enough electives for a full semester or interested in a short term overseas study option instead?

If you only have one or two electives you can still go overseas to study; there are a range of options to choose from. You may wish to take part in a study tour or other short term opportunity. Visit the Business School's Student Mobility website for more information on short term opportunities in the Business School.

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