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Majors, Minors and Electives

The purpose of this page is to help you choose courses within your program. It outlines the majors, minors and electives that are available within UniSA Business. Please note that a major consists of eight related courses and a minor of four related courses. 


For electives, you may take any business courses available as long as you satisfy the prerequisites. It is important to note that it is your responsibility to CHECK and complete prerequisites when planning your program of study. Prerequisites are shown on the course pages linked in the lists of electives.
By choosing appropriate courses for your electives, you can study one or two minors, or an additional major, depending on the number of electives available in your program. Please note that minors or additional majors will not appear on the parchment you receive at graduation, but they can be used to show prospective employers your areas of knowledge.
Recommended electives for individual programs can be found on your program's website, which you can access by clicking the program link in the my Academic Record section of your student portal, myUniSA. Alternatively, you can contact the Business Student Hub for assistance.

Undergraduate Electives

You may only choose courses from outside a business discipline with prior approval of your Program Director (please refer to the program notes in your program schedule). The list of undergraduate electives sorted by Academic Unit will show you the courses you may choose from. To gain approval for any non-Business electives, please contact the Business Student Hub.

Postgraduate Electives

The below courses are a summary of potential electives for students currently studying a postgraduate program within UniSA Business. 

Non-Business students are advised to check each course page linked below to determine whether it is a University-wide elective course.



Study Period Offered in 2022

Advanced Elective?

BUSS 5308 Australian Industrial Relations SP1 Yes
BUSS 5228 Advanced Corporate Finance SP2 Yes
MARK 5079 Advertising: Planning and Buying Media SP2 Yes
BANK 5035 Applied Research in Finance SP2 Yes
BUSS 5435 Arts and Cultural Audiences SP2 Yes
BUSS 5436 Arts and Cultural Leadership and Governance SP2 Yes
BUSS 5020 Arts Management SP2 Yes
BANK 5018 Behavioural Finance SP2 Yes
MARK 5031 Brand Management SP2 Yes
MARK 5032 Buyer Behaviour Insights SP2 Yes
BUSS 5426 CPA Ethics and Governance M SP2 Yes
MARK 5080 e-Marketing SP2 Yes
BANK 5031 Global Banking and Financial Management SP2 Yes
BUSS 5325 Integrated Logistics Management SP2 Yes
BANK 5042 Introduction to Financial Planning G SP2 Yes
BANK 5016 Managing Financial Risk SP2 Yes
BUSS 5327 Managing Sustainable Value Chains SP2 Yes
MARK 5033 Marketing Strategy and Planning SP2 Yes
BUSS 5389 Responsible Leadership SP2 Yes
BUSS 5428 Service Management SP2 Yes
BUSS 5351 Talent Acquisition and Development SP2 Yes
TOUR 5009 The Business of Tourism SP2 Yes
BUSS 5396 Business Practicum G SP2, SP4, SP5, SP7 Yes
MARK 5064 Advanced Marketing Analytics SP2, SP5 Yes
BUSS 5384 Business Ethics SP2, SP5 No
BUSS 5233 Corporate Finance SP2, SP5 No
ACCT 5023 Financial Accounting SP2, SP5 Yes
BANK 5014 Financial Theory and Financial Markets SP2, SP5 No
BUSS 5300 Global Business Environment SP2, SP5 No
BUSS 5034 International Business: Strategy and Ethics SP2, SP5 Yes
BANK 5028 International Finance SP2, SP5 No
BANK 5013 Investment Management SP2, SP5 No
BUSS 5065 Leading and Managing Organisational Change SP2, SP5 No
ACCT 5016 Management Accounting M SP2, SP5 Yes
BUSS 5302 Managing the Global Workforce SP2, SP5 Yes
MARK 5025 Marketing Management SP2, SP5 No
BUSS 5114 People, Leadership and Performance SP2, SP5 No
BUSS 5434 Professional Consulting Project SP2, SP5 Yes
BUSS 5139 Project Management for Business SP2, SP5 Yes
BUSS 5397 Research for Business Decision Making SP2, SP5 Yes
BUSS 5074 Strategic Concepts SP2, SP5 Yes
ACCT 5032 Tax Clinic M SP2, SP5 No
BUSS 5069 Workplace Learning and Development SP2, SP5 No
BUSS 5218 Arts Environment SP4 No
BUSS 5202 Arts Law SP4 Yes
BUSS 5347 Doing Business in Asia SP4 Yes
BANK 5030 Advanced Investment Management SP5 Yes
MARK 5024 Advertising: Theory and Practice SP5 Yes
BUSS 5021 Arts Philanthropy SP5 Yes
TOUR 5008 Digital Innovations in Tourism and Events SP5 Yes
BANK 5041 Estate Planning G SP5 Yes
BUSS 5002 Festival and Event Management SP5 Yes
BUSS 5380 Global Marketing SP5 Yes
BUSS 5326 Global Supply Chain Management SP5 Yes
BUSS 5348 Issues in International Trade SP5 Yes
BUSS 5349 Managing Across Cultures SP5 Yes
BUSS 5398 Managing Employee Performance and Rewards SP5 Yes
BUSS 5356 Managing Venues and EventScapes SP5 Yes
ECON 5024 Money, Banking and Global Financial Markets SP5 Yes
BUSS 5355 Negotiation SP5 Yes
BUSS 5450 People Analytics SP5 Yes
BUSS 5316 Strategic Management of Human Resources SP5 Yes
BUSS 5378 Strategic Procurement SP5 Yes
TOUR 5003 Sustainable Destination Management SP5 Yes
BANK 5038 The Econometrics of Financial Markets SP5 Yes
MARK 5081 Wine Marketing SP6 Yes
INFS 5128 Data Visualisation and Communication for Business Professionals SP5 Yes
INFS 5127 Data Privacy, Governance and Quality for Business Professionals SP2 Yes
BUSS 5431 Business Internship G SP2, SP4, SP5, SP7 Yes