Majors, minors and electives

The purpose of this page is to help you choose courses within your program. It outlines the majors, minors and electives that are available within the business disciplines. Please note that a major consists of eight related courses and a minor of four related courses.

By choosing appropriate courses for your electives, you can study one or two minors, or an additional major, depending on the number of electives available in your program. Please note that minors or additional majors will not appear on the parchment you receive at graduation, but they can be used to show prospective employers your areas of knowledge.

For electives, you may take any business courses available as long as you satisfy the prerequisites. You may choose courses from outside a business discipline with the approval of your Program Director (please refer to the program notes in your program schedule). The list of electives is not an exhaustive list of courses you may choose from.

It is important to note that it is your responsibility to CHECK and complete prerequisites when planning your program of study. Prerequisites are given in the list of electives.

For assistance in planning your program of study contact the Business Student Hub.

Majors, minors and electives within the business discipline structure: