The UniSA+ Award

What is the UniSA+ Award? 

UniSA students are enterprising, global citizens. You are ready to create and respond to change, and capable of identifying opportunities and contributing to a vibrant and successful society.

The UniSA+ Award is offered to students who actively participate in extra-curricular activities. It has been carefully designed to ensure that all students who complete the requirements of the award will have developed the skills, experience and knowledge that employers are seeking in graduates, and will be better prepared to enter the workforce. 

The UniSA+ Award represents the University’s commitment to ensure employers, in an increasingly competitive global economy, recognise the valuable leadership skills, experience and knowledge you have gained during your time at UniSA.

Upon completion, you will be provided with a transcript of your participation in co-curricular activities during your studies, to help you stand out as an exceptional graduate and prospective employee.

All undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students are eligible to participate in the UniSA+ Award. If you are a PhD candidate, check out UniSAEDGE, a personalised skills development model designed to support our PhD candidates to achieve their career goals.


How do I complete the UniSA+ Award?

To complete the full requirements of the UniSA+ Award you must complete the following steps:

Eligible students can register for the UniSA+ Award at any time during their studies by registering online.

Students must complete all the requirements across each of the three pillars, during the course of their studies, to complete the UniSA+ Award.

1. Leadership and enterprise
    > Complete at least two eligible activities

2. Global and social engagement
    > Complete at least 120 hours of volunteering (using UniSA's Volunteer Connect search engine is a great place to start!)

3. Self-development
    > Complete at least 20 hours of eligible activities


Eligible activities must be extra-curricular, unpaid and completed during your degree. The following activities are considered to be ineligible:

  • Credit-bearing activities, placements and exchanges
  • Activities, courses and qualifications related to placements within the curriculum
  • Activities that are a part of paid employment or for which any form of payment is received
  • Activities that support a political party or the election of a person as a member of the legislature of the Commonwealth, State or Territory or local government body.

Record your participation eligible activities online through CareerHub. Evidence for each activity must be provided and you should complete and submit the UniSA+ Award Verification of Submission form. If you are unable to provide a completed copy of the form, then you must contact the UniSA+ Award team, they may agree to accept alternative evidence in the form of certificates, log books or an email from a supervisor confirming your participation.

Please note that you can only submit an activity once for recognition, you cannot claim an activity more than once in the same pillar or across multiple pillars.

Once you have successfully completed the requirements of the UniSA+ Award Verification of Submission Form, you are required to attend a compulsory employability workshop. The workshop has been designed to assist students to reflect on their experience and skills developed, and demonstrate how they can articulate these competencies when applying for jobs

Upon completion of all of the requirements of the UniSA+ Award, students can apply for the UniSA+ Award certificate.

Why do I want the UniSA+ Award?

When you complete the full requirements of the UniSA+ Award you will receive:

  • The UniSA+ Award certificate of achievement signed by the Vice Chancellor
  • A transcript of your participation in co-curricular activities
  • Inclusion on the the UniSA+ Award Commendation List that is shared with UniSA partners and stakeholders; and
  • Public acknowledgement of your achievement at an annual Awards Ceremony

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