Fees and Finances

As an International student you are required to pay full tuition fees. Unfortunately, you are not eligible for Australian Government financial assistance.

In case you are wondering, you are classified as an international student if you are not from either Australia or New Zealand, and you do not hold an Australian permanent visa.

Your fees

To find specific information about how much your fees are, please refer to your program information page.

When do I pay my fees?

Due dates for tuition fees are set for each study period in which you are enrolled. There are two due dates per study period and these are detailed on the invoice.

How to pay

Invoices can be paid using BPay, at any Australian Post Office or via UniSA paynow.

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for:

Frequently Asked Questions

The annual tuition fee covers the cost of tuition, class handouts and most other essential teaching materials. It covers your Student Services and Amenities charge and also covers access to the Internet, and some printing. Every enrolled student is provided with a quota for Internet usage and printing. The tuition fee does not cover text books or Overseas Student Health Cover. Your fees give you access to important support services and facilities such as the Library. You are also entitled to representation and support with appeals and grievances with the University provided through an advocate from the University of South Australia Student Association (USASA), formally UniLife.

If you are given credit for the course before the study period census date, you are eligible for a full refund of that course fee. The course fee will be credited towards the following study period’s enrolment.

You will be eligible for tuition credit if you withdraw from a course before the study period census date. The course fee will be credited towards the following study period’s enrolment. You will not be eligible for tuition credit if you withdraw from a course after the study period’s census date.

You should be aware that withdrawal from courses after the study period’s census date will affect your recorded grades. Refer to the information on important dates.

The University has detailed policy on issuing refunds to international students in the event of withdrawal from a program. The Guidelines on payment and refund of fees for International students is included with your letter of offer and is also available online.

If you were granted Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia, you may become eligible for a Commonwealth Supported place or domestic student tuition fees. If the international tuition fee has already been paid, the difference between that fee and any owing under the applicable rate for a permanent resident in that program will be refunded if you have:

  1. Obtained PR status by the census date for that Study Period; and
  2. Satisfied section 41 of the Higher Education Funding Act 1988, by completing a Commonwealth Supported Payment Options Form by the census date, or made arrangements with the University to pay fees as a domestic student.

If PR is granted after the census date, you will be classified as an international student for the remainder of that Study Period and you must pay international tuition fees for that Study Period. From the following Study Period, you will be classified as a Permanent Resident and you will be liable to pay the appropriate domestic student fee.

Australian Permanent Residents in a Commonwealth supported program are eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place and will be required to pay the full student contribution amount that applies to domestic students by the census date of that study period or their enrolment in that study period will be cancelled. Australian Permanent Residents are not eligible for Commonwealth Assistance (ie - upfront discount of HECS-HELP).

If you have not paid your fees by the due date or have not paid any due fines, your student record will note that you are in Bad Financial Standing. When you are in Bad Financial Standing, you will not be able to look at your final grades, re-enrol, obtain an academic transcript or graduate. Your future enrolments will also be at risk of cancellation and you will not be issued with a new Confirmation of Enrolment. Once all due fees have been paid, the Bad Financial Standing is removed and all blocked services will resume.

Student loans are not available for the payment of fees. It is a requirement of your student visa that you have sufficient funds to support yourself for the duration of your study.

You have the right to appeal against any University decision relating to the refund of fees. If you wish to appeal, you are advised to first seek advice from Campus Central on your campus. Your appeal must be in writing with supporting documentation and should be addressed to:

The Director, Student and Academic Services, University of South Australia, 101 Currie Street Adelaide 5000.

If you have a general question regarding your fees go to Campus Central.

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