Become a G'Day Mate

Why become a G’Day Mate?

  • Improve your leadership and communication skills
  • Receive training and support from the coordinator(s) throughout the program
  • Gain experience in planning, organising and facilitating workshops and events
  • Receive a $50 visa gift card upon completion of the program
  • Receive a certificate of appreciation from UniSA for your hard work and commitment
  • Get recognised under the Leadership and Enterprise pillar of the UniSA+ program
  • Opportunity to attend the UniSA Volunteer Appreciation Party at the end of the year

What does it involve?

  • Participation in training conducted by the coordinators
  • 20-30 hour commitment for the whole study period
  • Developing and delivering activities and workshops with support and guidance from the program coordinators

Who can apply?

Any current UniSA students who:

  • Have completed one year of study (undergraduate) or six months (postgraduate)
  • Understand the challenges of being a new student
  • Have a sincere interest in supporting your peers
  • Can demonstrate good communication skills and empathy

How do you apply?

Applications for 2020 are now closed. Applications for the 2021 program will commence in October 2020.

If you have any questions about becoming a G'Day Mate, please contact