The Australian Technology Network Grants

The Australian Technology Network (ATN) offers significant Grants for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (link opens in new window). Details of the 2019 round (for projects in 2020) have yet to be announced. 

ATN Grants Scheme for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

The Australian Technology Network (ATN) has established a collaborative grants scheme for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. The aim of the scheme is to provide funding to facilitate scholarship and research into learning and teaching and promote systemic change in the sector.

Development of proposals and internal appraisal

Authors are strongly advised to discuss their proposals with their Dean: Teaching and Learning or equivalent and Dr. Gavin Sanderson, Academic Developer: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, well in advance of submission (e.g. 3 months). Advanced drafts or completed proposals must be submitted for internal review by the University's Learning and Teaching Grants and Awards Panel. The panel provides feedback on elements of proposals including an overarching recommendation to authors and to the Provost and Chief Academic Officer who must provide an endorsement for any proposal to be submitted to ATN.

Important dates and related information

Details of the 2019 round (for projects in 2020) have yet to be announced.