Using OnTask+ in teaching

OnTask+ is a tool designed to improve the academic experience of students through the delivery of timely, personalised and actionable student feedback throughout their participation in a course. This tool is available to staff at UniSA and can be found embedded in the teaching dashboard for your course – staff help resources can be found here.  

OnTask+ sources student data from your course site and matches it with course enrolment data. This then enables you to send tailored messages to the students enrolled in your courses based on their interaction with various elements within your learnonline course site. Used in this way, you can tailor messaging to different sub-sets of students based on how they are interacting with the course site or performing in assessments. 


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NOTE: Currently, two rule types are available in OnTask+.

While this tool can be a time saver for communicating with your students once set up, careful planning and consideration needs to be given initially relating to: 

  • How the tool might be used in your course (is it the best tool for the job?)
  • When the best times to message your students would be (where are your sticking points or times students would really benefit?), and
  • What needs to go into your message to get students moving in the direction you want (what data/metrics can you use and what behaviours/strategies do you want to encourage?) 


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