Guidelines for COVID-safe tutorials during 2021

We are ready to welcome students back on to campus to resume face-to-face tutorials during SP2 2021. Of course, it’s very important that we create and maintain a safe learning and teaching environment for both staff and students. The following is a set of guidelines to assist you in planning your tutorials.

  • The current health advice is that each student should occupy 2 sqm per person – this is outlined in part 3 of the Emergency Management Direction 2021. In practice, this means;
    • Individuals have a ‘best endeavours’ obligation, having regard to all the circumstances, including the nature of the activity. (Clause 9(1))
    • Occupiers must take ‘reasonable steps’ to allow compliance. (Clause 9(2))
    • The principle does not apply to people who ‘….regularly associated with each other’. (Clause 9(3))
    • Staff should inform students of their obligations to each other and endeavour to abide by physical distancing restrictions in class.
    • Staff should review normal room capacity and COVID room capacity to ensure class enrolments do not exceed the COVID room capacity.
  • Students should be asked to provide their own stationery (if you plan to use any) for each class – e.g. whiteboard markers, pens, note paper or any other shared resources. Students should be discouraged from sharing these resources.
  • Most tutorial rooms and computer pools should all have disinfectant wipes available and each building has hand-sanitiser available the entrance.
  • There will not be COVID-Safe Check-In facilities as the impact of any active case will go well beyond any specific classroom.