What are export controls?

Australia's export control system aims to prevent goods and technology that can be used as a part of chemical, biological and nuclear warfare, or military goods and technologies (known as controlled technology) from getting into the wrong hands. It does this by placing restrictions on the export of Controlled Technology

Export regulations covering the physical exportation of controlled technology have existed in Australia for many years. However, these controls have now been strengthened to restrict not only the export of physical (tangible) goods and technology, but also the supplypublication or brokering of controlled technology by electronic or other non-physical (intangible) means.

Offence provisions in relation to intangible exports came into effect on 2 April 2016.

During this interim period researchers should conduct a self-assessment of their research activities to determine if they may be affected by the strengthened regulations. Those who are affected will need to obtain a permit in order to carry out these research activities. Permits can (and should) be applied for now to ensure no unnecessary delays are met at a later stage.

In order to perform a self assessment of research activities an Online Tool is now available

Undertake a Self-Assessment
to determine whether a permit is required for your research activities