What is controlled technology?

Controlled technology is listed in the Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL).

The DSGL specifies the goods, software or technology that is regulated when exported, supplied, brokered or published.

The DSGL is split into two parts:

  • Part 1 lists munitions (military or non-military lethal goods and technology) items;
  • Part 2 lists dual-use items; that is, items that may be used for civilian (commercial or research) purposes, but may have defence or strategic applications.

Part 2 of the DSGL is split into Categories:

  • Category 0 - Nuclear Material
  • Category 1 - Materials, Chemical, Micro-organisms and Toxins
  • Category 2 - Materials Processing
  • Category 3 - Electronics
  • Category 4 - Computers
  • Category 5 - Telecommunications and Information Security
  • Category 6 - Sensors and Lasers
  • Category 7 - Navigation and Avionics
  • Category 8 - Marine
  • Category 9 - Aerospace and Propulsion

Each of these categories is further split into sub-categories that cover goods, equipment, software and technology.

A permit is required when exportingsupplyingbrokering or publishing DSGL items

Undertake a Self-Assessment
to determine whether a permit is required for your research activities