Q: Which countries are sanctioned countries?

A: Please refer to the sanctions regimes on the DFAT Website as these are updated regularly.

Q. What do I do if a student or academic wants to visit the University?

A: Refer to the visitors to UniSA for the purpose of research experience website and ensure you have completed the necessary forms including the Sanctions compliance form for visiting international students and researchers.

Q. How do I check if a person is a 'designated person'?

A: You can do this by doing a search of the person on the consolidated list which is updated regularly on the DFAT website.

Q. What if a student I have been speaking with to supervise is from a sanctioned country?

A: Advise the student that the admissions team and the school will undertake a risk assessment when they apply. You should advise them to refer to the Australia and sanctions page on the DFAT website for further information on sanctions.

Q. What do I need to do in the event I require a permit?

Contact GRSAS in the first instance for further advice. You can also refer to the DFAT website for more information on permits.