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The Teaching Innovation Unit (TIU) supports academics to drive innovation in their teaching practices and curriculum, and enhance the use of digital technologies to facilitate learning.

Our key areas of focus include:

  • Curriculum, assessment and teaching practice – Academic Developers: Consult an AD
  • Online teaching and course design – Online Educational Designers: Consult an OED
  • Development and support of learnonline – Technology Enhanced Learning: Contact
  • Development of educational video and other forms of multi-media - Media: Contact

If you have a general enquiry on requesting assistance from the TIU please use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of this page. 

TIU Teams


Name Role
Associate Professor Sheridan Gentili Director: Teaching Innovation Unit
Dr Negin Mirriahi

Associate Director: TIU & Head: Curriculum Support and Development

Dr David Birbeck Associate Director: TIU & Head: Curriculum Support and Development
Ange McClelland Unit Executive Officer
Melissa Rapassanis Project and Administration Officer

Academic Development: Book a consultation related to curriculum, assessment and teaching practice: here


Name Role
Dr Claire Aitchison Academic Developer
Dr Stuart Dinmore Academic Developer: Curriculum Development
Dr Ruth Fazakerley Academic Developer
Dr Shashi Nallaya Academic Developer
Dr Diana Quinn Academic Developer
Dr Amanda Richardson Academic Developer
Dr Gavin Sanderson Academic Developer: Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
Dr Antonella Strambi Academic Developer
Dale Wache Academic Developer

Online Educational Design: Book a consultation related to online teaching and course design: here


Name Role
Stuart Deer Online Educational Designer
Roger Edmonds Online Educational Designer
Dr James Hobson Online Educational Designer
Dr Kim Hynes Online Educational Designer
Kerry Johnson Online Educational Designer
Tracey Johnson Online Educational Designer
Tristram Lawson Online Educational Designer
Anne Lonie Online Educational Designer
Richard McInnes Online Educational Designer
Robert Moller Online Educational Designer
Tim Price Online Educational Designer
Pramila Rathore Online Educational Designer
Simon Smith Online Educational Designer
Kirsty Summers Online Educational Designer
Hayley Timms Online Educational Designer

Technology Enhanced Learning: Contact


Name Role
Kim Edgar Manager: Learning Technologies and Projects
Patrick Raets Consultant: Technology Enhanced Learning
Rob Wood Senior Business Analyst
Mark Armstrong Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
An Zhao Educational Innovation Officer

Video and Multimedia Production: Book a consultation related to educational video and other forms of multimedia: here


Name Role
Charlotte Rose

Senior Technical Officer: Audio Visual/Multimedia

Chris Jackson Technical Officer Audio Visual/Multimedia
Declan Wall Technical Officer Audio Visual/Multimedia
Shane McCarthy Technical Officer (Video)
Neil Low Technical Officer (Video)