TIU Support for Study Period 5

The TIU are continuing their support for your teaching with a range of short courses, workshops, training sessions and virtual consultations with Academic Developers, Online Educational Designers and Media Developers. Whether you are new to teaching, new to the University or an experienced educator we can support you and your teaching.   


Support & Training for Staff 

These training and consult sessions are self-bookable and are available from now through to the end of SP5. 

Online Educational Developer Consultations 

All UniSA staff can book consultations with an Online Educational Designer for any questions they have regarding teaching online. These consultations are available Monday-Friday and can cover topics such as: 

  • Setting up LearnOnline (Moodle)  
  • Using LearnOnline (Moodle) to interact with students 
  • Online Quizzes, Exams, and Assignments 
  • Zoom for virtual classrooms 
  • Making online activities 


Academic Developer Consultations 

All UniSA staff can book consultations with an Academic Developer for questions regarding their curriculum or course design for face-to-face or online teaching. These consultations are available Monday-Friday and cover topics such as: 

  • Assessment Design 
  • Giving feedback to students 
  • Engaging students 
  • Learning Outcomes 
  • Course Design 
  • Researching learning and teaching 


Media Developer Consultations  

All UniSA staff can book consultations with a Media Developer for any questions they have regarding recording or editing videos using Panopto. These consultations will be available Monday-Friday. 

Please make sure that you have watched the Panopto Help Videos relevant to you before booking a session. 

To book a session, please email Declan, including all relevant information. The below issues will not require a session and can be handled via email: 

  • You need to be given access to Panopto folders or videos 
  • You need videos to be moved between Panopto folders 


Workshops and Short Courses

A range of workshops and short courses are currently on offer. Visit our Workshops Page for a list of current and future workshops and details on how to book.