Learnonline exam guides

The following guides explain how to create online exams using the quiz tool and provide the required information to students before the exam. You can download each guide as a PDF or, if you prefer, there is a single PDF containing all guides at the end of this section.

If you need additional support please book an online OED Consult. 

Page contents

  • Before the exam
  • During the exam (coming soon)
  • After the exam (coming soon)

Before the exam

The information in the word doc below must be on your course site at least 3 weeks before the start of exam week. There are 5 sections of text that need to be added: 

  • Important exam information 
  • Academic Integrity during your online exam 
  • Test your computer 
  • Practice exam 
  • How to get help 

The placement is up to you, but it should feature prominently in relation to your existing exam information. 

You may also want to make a post in the Course Announcement Forum to ensure all students receive an email regarding this. 

Required text on course sites with an online exam (docx)

Question Categories are used to group questions together based on a criterion that makes sense for your exam. 

You should create at least 2 Categories – one for the actual exam and one for the practice exam, and perhaps even a third for any revision exam. 

We also show you why you can use additional categories to take advantage of the randomised questions feature. 

Use Quiz Categories to manage your question bank (pdf)

If you have already have an assignment linked to the course outline (because the exam was originally going to be in person at Goodwood)  you need to delete this assignment so it is unlinked from your course outline. 

Then, when you add the new online exam as a quiz, you’ll be able to link this to your course outline. 

Unlinking a previous exam assignment from your Course Outline (pdf)

This guide will show you how to add a quiz, link it to the course outline and ensure the correct settings are applied.

Add the new exam quiz with the correct settings (pdf)

Learn how to add different questions types including plenty of tips to ensure your questions are correctly set-up.

Create questions for your quiz (pdf)

How to use the maths and science editor in learnonline plus advice on more complex questions requiring students to answer questions on paper and upload them to the quiz.

Maths and Science questions (pdf)

The last step is adding your questions to the quiz, including how to edit the order of questions and manage page breaks.

Add questions to the quiz (pdf)

All courses with an online exam must have a Practice Quiz added to the course site that will allow students to test their technology, check the environment where they plan to sit the exam and practice each type of question in the exam.

Add the Practice Quiz with required settings (pdf)

A handy list of things to have completed so your online exam is ready.

Staff checklist online exams (pdf)

Download a single PDF of all the above guides.

Before the exam guides - combined (pdf)