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Teaching Innovation Unit Data Access Guidelines


The following guidelines provide a framework to support and monitor access to data associated with the Teaching Innovation Unit (TIU) and learnonline. The guidelines refer and adhere to University policy related to data access and include a set of principles that collectively provide a robust quality assurance process and high level of transparency related to how data assets are managed within the Unit. The TIU is responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the University’s teaching and learning data extracted from systems such as learnonline.

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The purpose of this document is to:

  • define roles and procedures for access to learnonline data;
  • provide a secure environment and process for data access and analysis whilst ensuring the privacy of all stakeholders;
  • establish clear lines of accountability; and
  • assure that the University complies with the current laws, regulations and standards about data management.

Data availability

Access to data related to student and staff interaction from learnonline applications must comply with University policy A-34. Access to UniSA students, staff and data

Appropriate use of data

All requested access and use of data will comply with Policy A-34.

It is anticipated that data will primarily be used to analyse learnonline user activity to:

  • improve course and program curriculum offerings;
  • determine predictors of student success and impact of curriculum design and learning activities;
  • identify students at risk of academic failure or attrition to inform the development of appropriate support interventions;
  • develop early indicators for program and course curriculum support. This may include identification of courses or programs that fall short of the stated strategic learning and teaching goals and outcomes and therefore may require additional resourcing and support;
  • establish benchmarks for evaluating the impact of University wide curriculum initiatives and strategic goals; and
  • aid the development of personalised and adaptive learning processes for all programs and courses across the institution.

Data may be used by UniSA staff for research, publication and cross-institutional collaboration with appropriate ethics approval and authorisation from the Provost and Chief Academic Officer. Any request for data to be used by external groups (e.g. research collaborations) must first receive appropriate ethical clearance and approval from the Provost and Chief Academic Officer. Any data requests not specifically described in this document will be considered in conjunction with the requirements detailed in policy A – 34.1 Access to UniSA students, staff and data

Permission to access data

The request for data must be undertaken via the request form and signed by the appropriate person, prior to submission, according to the following levels.

Permission to access student and staff engagement data for the purpose of improving a course or program should be obtained from:

  • the responsible Course Coordinator when data is required from a course
  • the Program Director when data is required for a program
  • the Dean of Programs when data is required for multiple programs
  • the Executive Dean when data is required for programs across their Academic Unit
  • the Provost and Chief Academic Officer when data is required for programs across the University.  

Permission must be obtained from the Provost and Chief Academic Officer when:

  • the University itself is the object of research
  • myCourseExperience data is required for use in external publication and/or presentation. (Policy A – 34, clause 2.2.6)  

Staff may access data for the purposes of their role such as Executive Dean, Dean of Programs, or Director without seeking additional approval processes.

Evidence of permission granted at the appropriate level must be forwarded with the Application for TIU Data Form accessed at the bottom of this page. The University owns the supplied data and all relevant University policies concerning the use and publication of data apply.


Approval to access Teaching Innovation Unit data will take into consideration:

  • the nature of the requirement for internal use e.g. research or quality improvement
  • whether ethics approval has been granted for research related data
  • the type and format of data required
  • any institutional risk by providing access to the data
  • the availability of staff resources to extract or produce the data

Staff must notify and seek approval from the TIU for any dissemination activity related to the analyses and interpretation of findings (e.g. public presentations; written publications; workshops, seminars or conference presentations).

Application for access to data

  1. The Application for Teaching Innovation Unit Data form must be completed and forwarded to Kim Edgar: Manager Learning Technologies and Projects TIU.
    Application for TIU data form
  2. Written permission to access data from the appropriate management level must be submitted with the form (refer to Permission to access data)
  3. The application will be considered in relation to requirements outlined in this document and the requestor will be advised of the application outcome and anticipated data delivery timeline.