Academic development: Peer Partnerships

The two most common terms in the literature for formative peer review of teaching are ‘Peer Observation’ and ‘Peer Partnership’.

At UniSA, Peer Partnerships refer to a collegial process for the formative peer review of teaching, supported by a short online workshop, information and guides. The process involves the formation of a private and confidential partnership between two or more academics who teach. Within the partnership each member reviews the other's teaching practice, or an aspect of their teaching design, and gives feedback.

This is a capacity building activity where people learn through receiving feedback as well as by watching their partner teach and providing them with feedback. The purpose of Peer Partnerships is to build teaching ability and collegial relationships not to judge or evaluate. In this process, all partners are equal.

It is useful when academics:

  • need evidence for a teaching award
  • want to improve their teaching
  • want to develop a critical friend network
  • want to support other teachers
  • need new ideas or address a specific challenge

Peer Partnerships can be carried out at any time. The self-directed online Peer Parterships workshop introduces the key principles and purposes of formative peer review. Completion of the workshop enables access to information and resources to help guide staff through the review process and beyond.



Self-directed online workshop: Peer Partnerships 



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