Academic Integrity Learning Modules

Staff and students at UniSA have access to a variety of academic integrity learning resources, including the Academic Integrity Modules developed by SEU, and both the student and staff version of the Epigeum Academic Integrity Learning Modules (EAILM).

Follow the links below for more information on how to access and use these resources in your teaching.

                       Modules for staff                                                             Modules for students                  


Learning modules for UniSA staff

Developed by Epigeum, with the late Professor Tracey Bretag (UniSA Business) as lead advisor, the Epigeum Academic Integrity Learning Modules (EAILM) ensure that both staff and students share a common understanding of the positive values of academic integrity and how to identify and demonstrate integrity in academic practice.

About the EAILM for staff at UniSA

The Epigeum Academic Integrity Learning Modules for Staff at UniSA are designed for anyone in higher education whose work supports teaching, learning and assessment. This includes policy makers, academic managers, course and unit coordinators, tutors, markers, and academic staff, such as academic developers, learning designers, and student learning advisors.

The learning modules are interactive and include a variety of optional questions to help build your own personal knowledge. You have the option to complete the additional quiz activities to obtain a certificate as evidence of your academic integrity knowledge. You will need to achieve a score of 100% on the quizzes, but there are unlimited attempts allowed. 

All academic and professional staff are encouraged to undertake the five modules of the Epigeum Academic Integrity Learning Modules for Staff at UniSA program at their own pace.  


Learning modules for students

The SEU’s Academic Integrity Module has been designed to help students understand UniSA's Academic Integrity Policy and associated Academic Integrity Procedure. We would encourage teaching staff to direct students to this site early in their study program. 

About the EAILM for students at UniSA

The core learning material of the Epigeum Academic Integrity Learning Modules for Students at UniSA is hosted by the TIU and is available via learnonline. Staff can direct students to self-enrol via a Program or Course learnonline site. The associated quiz and achievement certificate for each module is separately hosted within a students' Program or Course learnonline site. Completion of the quizzes can be formative or can form part of summative assessments. 

There are five modules. The first three illustrate the key principles and behaviours of academic integrity, and help students incorporate best practices in their work. Modules four and five explore more complex scenarios and offer practical advice. 


Module Description
1. What is academic integrity? Introduces the key principles of academic integrity and explains how students can demonstrate these principles during their studies at university and beyond. 
2. How do I show academic integrity in my preparation? Helps student maintain academic integrity under pressure. There is also advice on effective group work and identifying relevant sources.  
3. How do I show academic integrity in my work?  Highlights the importance of respecting the work of other people and explains how students can draw on other people's ideas appropriately to strengthen their own work.
4. How can I feel more confident about academic integrity?  This module invites students to reflect on their own academic integrity experiences. It also looks at how others might breach academic integrity, and what they can do in response. 
5. How do I deal with more complex situations? 

This module offers advice on how to deal with more complex academic integrity situations, such as ethical re-use of a student’s own work and citing multimedia references.


How to embed EAILM in a learnonline site?

To get started, read Guidelines for using EAILM in teaching at UniSA (PDF). This document provides advice about what to consider when selecting the modules that will meet your course and program needs and further details regarding the implementation. The authors of the EAILM have also created an Instructor Manual detailing how to use each of the five modules for teaching.

Once you decide to implement EAILM, simply complete and submit the EAILM Online Request and an OED from the TIU will consult with you to organise implementation.


EAILM online request (STAFF ONLY)


What is Academic Integrity?

Academic integrity underpins all aspects of the academic enterprise, including teaching, learning and scholarship. At UniSA Academic integrity means a commitment to act with honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, respect and responsibility in all academic work. 


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