Online Lectures: Using Panopto & AV 

Panopto is the preferred option to upload all UniSA produced videos, not Zoom. 


Panopto Consults

All UniSA staff can book consultations with a Media Developer for any questions they have regarding Panopto or recording lecturers. These consultations will be available Monday-Friday 10am-3pm.

Please make sure that you have watched the Panopto Help Videos relevant to you (linked in the 'Panopto Videos' section below) before booking a session.

To book a session, please email Declan, including all relevant information. The below issues will not require a session and can be handled via email:

  • You need to be given access to Panopto folders or videos
  • You need videos to be moved between Panopto folders

What is the best way to create online lectures?

Panopto! It is purpose built to create videos with useful features you can use to make your lecture engaging. We do not recommend using Zoom to record a lecture. The best practice is for students to watch your Panopto lecture before coming to a zoom session where you can use this time like a tutorial.

Panopto also has the following advantages:

  • More efficient cloud storage
  • Copyright notice automatically applied
  • Simple embedding into course site
  • Uni-wide availability of any video if warranted
  • Captioning
  • Students can choose the view that suits them better, add their own notes and bookmarks
  • Staff can easily edit the recording

In short, Panopto is for presenting content such as lectures, Zoom is for two way collaborative activities.

Accessing 2019 & UniSA Online Panopto recordings

If you are unable to create your own lecture recordings, or you would like to supplement your new recordings with some made as part of your course development work with UniSA Online, you can upload existing videos to your course for students to access. These are great resources for students and can be added to your course sites as a student resource, or to provide cover if you become ill or have to self-isolate and cannot maintain contact.   

A list summarising all 2019 and UniSA Online recordings can be downloaded on our website (UniSA password protected page) along with instruction on how to make them available.  

If you are unable to share or access UniSA Online video content, please email Declan Wall (including the UO course code in the email). 


AV Support for Video Creation

We can support you with the set up and how best to record your lectures from home so you can get the best picture quality and audio. While the AV Team can edit your recording to improve the quality (more information in the below section), it is best practise to make sure your initial recording is as good as possible. To book in time to review your home set-up, including camera/audio/lighting/backdrop etc: please email or

Some quick dos and don’ts for recording at home

  1. Make sure your face is well lit. This means not having the light coming from behind you. (e.g. Not standing or sitting with your back to a window)
  2. Try to frame yourself correctly, making sure we can see your head and the tops of your shoulders.
  3. Try to avoid looking down to your computer. Try to keep the camera at the same height at your forehead. If using a laptop, prop it up so as to avoid looking down. Your audience needs to see your eyes clearly – looking straight ahead, or slightly up.
  4. Be aware of what your audience can see. If possible, keep the background interesting though not distracting.
  5. Look professional. Even though you are recording from home you still need to present yourself appropriately. Colours work well on camera.
  6. Your voice and audio quality are key to a good recording/teaching session. So, above all else make sure that your audio is high quality. If this means you are in a quiet space with a blank wall, then that is okay.
  7. Have your microphone approximately 5-10cms from your mouth – not too close or too far. Please avoid using your camera’s built in mic or cheap phone headphones if you can.

We can continue to offer editing support to staff who have recorded their video content at home or to re-edit content they have recorded previously

  1. If you would like to purchase fluoro green fabric to set up your own Green Screen you can do this – and we can advise as to how best to set this up for high quality – and then edit as we would for green screen recordings. Example of Green Screen to buy.
  2. We can also add in additional text/graphics to videos as outlined below in the ‘Animation and Graphic Design’ section.
  3. We can support you to achieve the best quality from your audio or use audio effects.
  4. We can work with external parties/guest presenters to edit any footage recorded externally.

For anyone that is having technical difficulties or is not able to get the quality you would like from your own home recording, the AV team can provide a remote recording service. Our campus-based Green Screen recording studios are currently unstaffed; however, arrangements can be made for creation of your content if you provide a completed script.  Your script/content can be presented by Charlotte Rose from the AV Team on a Green Screen set-up with high quality camera. The AV team can then edit these recordings with the backgrounds or PPT slides you specify.

  • Working from home you likely will continue to use Voice over PPT slides and it’s important to ensure the audio is of high quality. We can help with this.
  • There are many options for using voiceovers that we can discuss with you. Voice overs are particularly engaging when combined with animated content.
  • If you have scripted material and would like our team to supply/create the voice overs for these, we can.

The TIU AV team can assist you to continue to do this working with external parties to ensure the easiest way to do this based on the technology they have at hand. For further information please email:

Examples of how we can edit your interviews

We can also assist with animation. To keep things interesting for your students please consider the below animation options.

Gifs and Javascript/HTML animations (Examples: GIF-01 & GIF-02)
These are easy to do and add a level of interactivity to courses. If you need a graph or would like to outline a simple concept or perhaps support a piece of learning these can be a clever way to achieve this.


Video scribe

Developing a Search Strategy (example)

An easy to do style of interactive animation where the pictures or text are actively drawn in over narration. These can be produced quite quickly depending on the content needed per slide and the length of the script.

Can also be added behind talking heads.

Video with text elements
To make Panopto recordings more interactive and dynamic we can add text on screen. E.g. a dot point list/questions/dates for assignments or text to support what they are saying. Please remember to be very specific about the text you’d like add and to keep your writing succinct.

Simple Animation (Examples: UO Highlights Videos, Leukaemia FoundationReferencing at AIBARC Animation)

Some examples of the simpler animations, mainly text and a few other elements like photos, icons etc.

If there is a still diagram or graph etc that a staff member is talking through, we can animate the elements of the picture they are talking about- so it is no longer a still image.


Animation >1 week (Examples: CiboInsider GuidesColes Demerger)
Here are some examples of more complicated animations for staff that have the time to think about what they would like and how best to get the learning across to students. Good for scenario based or character-based learning, role plays.

Help with Panopto

The TIU AV Team have prepared video help resources that explain how to use Panopto to record, share, upload, and edit content from home. The Media Team are also offering Panopto training/support consultations via Zoom. 

Other Resources

Panopto Videos

  • 1.1 Understanding the Panopto Web App
  • 1.2 Searching for an Individual Video in the Panopto Web App
  • 1.3 Searching for a Folder in the Panopto Web App
  • 1.4 'My Folder' Personal Folders in Panopto
  • 1.5 Creating a Subfolder in Panopto
  • 1.6 Understanding Panopto Share Settings
  • 1.7 Giving Someone Access to a Panopto Folder
  • 1.8 Copying and Moving Panopto Videos
  • 1.9 Renaming Panopto Videos and Folders
  • 1.10 Uploading a Video File into Panopto
  • 1.11 Getting a Link or Embed Code from Panopto
  • 1.12 Embedding a Panopto Video in a Course Page
  • 1.13 Adding Automatic Captions to a Panopto Video
  • 1.14 Editing Closed Captions in Panopto
  • 1.15 Downloding Closed Captions from a Panopto Video

  • 2.1 Setting Up Your Recording Space
  • 2.2 Introduction to the Panopto Recorder
  • 2.3 Downloading and Installing the Panopto Recorder
  • 2.4 Setting Up the Panopto Recorder P1: Introduction
  • 2.5 Setting Up the Panopto Recorder P2: Name and Location
  • 2.6 Setting Up the Panopto Recorder P3: Audio
  • 2.7 Setting Up the Panopto Recorder P4: Screen Recording
  • 2.8 Setting Up the Panopto Recorder P5: Slide Recording
  • 2.9 Setting Up the Panopto Recorder P6: Webcam or USB Camera
  • 2.10 Setting Up the Panopto Recorder P7: Multi-stream Recording
  • 2.11 Recording a Video with the Panopto Recorder
  • 2.12 Webcasting (Livestreaming) a Video with the Panopto Recorder


  • 3.1 Introduction to the Panopto Editor
  • 3.2 Basic Editing: Cutting
  • 3.3 Basic Editing: Slide Recordings P1: Cutting and Retiming
  • 3.4 Basic Editing: Slide Recordings P2: Adding-Replacing a Slide
  • 3.5 Advanced Editing: Adding Clips
  • 3.6 Advanced Editing: Multiple Streams
  • 3.7 Additional Content: Adding a Quiz
  • 3.8 Additional Content: Adding a Youtube Video
  • 3.9 Additional Content: Adding a Webpage


AV Equipment Suggestions

Logitec HD C270 RECOMMENDED - $55.20

Logitech HD Pro C920– Best Quality - $139

Logitech Webcam C930E $215 (only needed if shooting in low light – have no windows in their house)

Sennheiser PC 7 On Ear Headset - $49

Sennheiser PC 8 On Ear Headset – RECOMMENDED for Value for Money - $55

Stadium Memphis USB Microphone – RECOMMENDED for Best Quality - $79

  • This is a large USB microphone that will produce the best sounding quality at a still affordable price. This set doesn’t have any headphones as it’s a stand-alone mic, but because it uses USB you can use any set of headphones you like and still plug them into the computer at the same time.

Online Learning & Teaching Guides

You may wish to consult the following guides for further suggestions on how to incorporate videos into your courses.