Short Courses for Teaching Online

Teaching online is about creating an online environment where your students feel they are part of a shared learning community. Where each student is not only actively engaged in their own learning but also supporting the learning of others. The TIU are offering two short courses to help you create this environment. 

Introduction to Engaging Learners Online 

This workshop is comprised of 4 short modules (approximately 60 minutes in duration each) and are designed to be completed at your own pace, in your own time.

The workshop begins with a 30-minute synchronous Zoom session to orient you and get you started. It ends with a one-hour synchronous Zoom session where you can talk with each other and access the expertise of the University’s Online Educational Designers (OEDs).

On completion of the four modules (including activities), you will receive a certificate of completion which will be noted on your Staff Activity Report.

These modules will provide you with practical strategies to help your students feel like they matter and don't feel like they are simply sitting, isolated, in their home in front of a screen. Your course will enable them to be part of a community of learners, one that they can influence as well as learn from.

Testimonials from previous Introduction to Engaging Learners Online participants:

"Brilliant! All presenters were engaging, positive, informative, gave detailed technical instruction and enabled me to deliver engaging lessons with confidence. Really appreciated all the sessions."

"Thank you for providing a fun and supportive learning environment."

"I found the course, informative, engaging and an excellent introduction to engaging students online. Thanks, I learnt a lot.”

“The course was so helpful. Moving to all online teaching and student engagement comes with its challenges, however, this course gave practical suggestions and tools that we can use to make the change a little easier. Thank you."

So how will these modules help my online teaching?

  • Module 1 teaches you how to create a supportive online community.
  • Module 2 builds upon an online community of learners and lays the platform for thinking about engagement and how you will begin to develop your own voice and ways of engaging students.
  • Module 3 explores the idea of ‘engagement’ via asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities.
  • Module 4 delves into how to use feedback to influence and guide your learners.


The total time commitment for this workshop is 5.5 hours over five days. There is a 30-minute welcome zoom session at the beginning of the course, then you are expected to work on the course content at your own pace.

There is another 1-hour synchronous Zoom session at the completion of the workshop. 





A synchronous half-hour welcome to the course Zoom meeting

30 minutes


Work through Module 1 and participate in the Activity (Asynchronous)

1 hour


Work through Module 2 and participate in the Activity (Asynchronous)

1 hour


Work through Module 3 and participate in the Activity (Asynchronous)

1 hour


Work through Module 4 and participate in the Activity (Asynchronous)

1 hour


A one-hour synchronous Zoom session to discuss Engaging Learners Online

1 hour



Total 5.5 hours


Workshops are run several times throughout the year. 

The next workshop will be run week beginning, Monday 18 July 2022.


Where to next?

This workshop provides you with the foundational learning to get you starting in online teaching and learning. For those of you who are interested in taking your teaching to the ‘next level’, the four-week Short Course Engaging Learners Online (ELO), will continue your online learning journey as a teacher. Please see details below.

Engaging Learners Online (ELO)

Engaging Learners Online is a short course that aims to prepare you for being a teacher within active online environments.

By completing the activities and assessment requirements in the short course you will experience life as an online student so you can make better decisions about what will work with your online students. You will experience most learnonline activity types (workshop, forum, wiki, quiz, database, glossary, choice, lesson, feedback, H5P, Panopto, Zoom virtual classroom) as well as learn more about the role of an online tutor in supporting students' learning. We hope that this will not only increase your confidence in learnonline but also help you to develop empathy for the online learner.

A record of completion of Engaging Learners Online is provided as a certificate and also noted in your HR record.


Testimonials fom previous Engaging Learners Online participants:

"Wonderful structure. Great activities. Well-selected readings. Inspiring teachers. Lots of great new ideas and practical skills to apply in my own teaching."

"An excellent course. Well-structured and very informative. I always knew what was expected of me and developed a good range of knowledge and skills for teaching using online environments."

"The course is well-structured and designed for everyone, whether newly appointed tutors, novice to teaching or experienced staff who have been teaching for a while. The content and readings are appropriate to stimulate learning, contemplation and strategic planning for teaching in the online environment. The content and workload over the 4-week period were just right."

“It teaches through example, creating empathy for the online learner and showing prospective tutors how to assist learners with managing online learning. The tasks and assessment are instructive and useful but not onerous. There is plenty for learners at different levels of experience and knowledge in face-to-face teaching and use of technology for teaching.”


This short course is offered completely online over a 4 week period and requires approximately 35-40 hours to complete all activities and assessments. Most of the course is delivered asynchronously (at a time and place that suits you) but there are real-time events.

There are limited numbers so please register your interest and we will contact you separately with a copy of the Course Outline and instructions on how to enrol.

This short course is open to all UniSA staff (including casual and sessional staff ).

Facilitator: Dr Amanda Richardson