The following workshops are offered by the Teaching Innovation Unit: 




Engaging Zoom Tutorials for Course Coordinators and Tutors

In these workshops, you will experience first-hand a variety of tools and Zoom features that you can use to engage learners in your courses. You will be guided to think intentionally about your tutorials and workshop with peers to plan online versions that are interactive and productive.

Through dialogue with colleagues and TIU staff, you will explore engaging and contextually relevant ways to teach your content online.

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Tutoring@UniSA is an active workshop ideal for those who are either new to teaching or are looking to develop their skills in face to face active learning classes.

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Writing Open-Book Exam Questions

Many people believe that closed-book exams are the best way to ensure assessment integrity. Research shows that this is not the case.

Come to this workshop to learn how to write open-book exam questions that promote learning, encourage higher-order thinking and reduce academic integrity breaches. Talk to other academics and see examples of higher-order type questions in the workshop.

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Exam Preparation Workshops

Workshops for embedding your exam correctly in learnonline are available at each campus in the weeks before the exam. These workshops will address practical considerations such as:

  • Providing supporting information for your students
  • Positioning of the quiz online
  • Structuring the exam in the quiz tool
  • Adding the exam into the online platform.

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Introduction to Engaging Learners Online (Intro to ELO)  

This introductory course provides you with the foundational learning to get you starting in online learning. For those willing to take the next step, the four-week short course Engaging Learners Online (ELO), will continue your online learning journey.

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Engaging Learners Online

This fully online four-week short course aims to prepare you for being a teacher in the online environment. You will experience life as an online student so you can make better decisions about what will work with your online students.

The course will be offered twice in 2022.

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OnTask+ Part 1:
Thinking about using OnTask+

Are you interested in finding out whether it would be useful for your course? This session will take you through the following process: 

  • What you want to achieve in your course
  • What OnTask+ can actually do for you
  • Mapping out your messaging plan
  • How to get started! 

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OnTask+ Part 2:
Making your OnTask+ message work

In this second part of the workshop series, we will start to move into crafting your messages using OnTask+, covering the following: 

  • Key dos and don’ts when writing your message
  • Evaluating the online data available to you in your course and how this fits with your messaging plan
  • Creating filters/conditions that allow you to tailor your messages based on student data
  • Using the advanced message type (not yet available)

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