What is Zoom – Web portal & desktop client

Zoom is a video communication tool which can be used for a variety of purposes.

Why use Zoom?

It can be used for:    

  • One-on-one meetings between student and teacher
  • Meetings between a teacher and a group of students (or the entire class)
  • Student to student meetings
  • Recording meetings

Zoom is NOT recommended for live lectures. We recommend you use Panopto.

TIU has extensive help resources to get you started with Zoom and these include hardware requirements such as headsets, webcam and Zoom meeting configuration. The below resources will assist you:

How to get started with Zoom?

You will need to download the Zoom application and login using the details below to authenticate your account.

Download and install Zoom

Zoom is available for download for UniSA blue plated computers and your personal devices (PC/Mac).

If you are installing on a blue plated UniSA machine:
  • You can download Zoom client via the software centre on your computer, if you are not sure, please get it installed with the help of IT helpdesk prior to the online meeting. Here is the link to help with software centre installations: https://i.unisa.edu.au/askit/all/software/software-center/
  • Please login to https://unisa.zoom.us/ portal using your UniSA login and password prior to joining the meeting to authenticate your account, this is required for the first time you use Zoom.
If you are installing on personal device:

You can download free Zoom client via the link at https://zoom.us/download

What device do I need to join meeting?

  • You will need your laptop or your computer desktop with Zoom client installed
  • Microphone headphone
  • Webcam

Please make sure to configure your settings for video and audio and select correct devices for the Zoom meeting. Please see the help link: https://lo.unisa.edu.au/mod/page/view.php?id=1815874


Zoom training for staff

If you would like individual support for Zoom please book a Zoom consult.


Zoom Workshops

Zoom virtual classroom workshop (2 hrs) 

This workshop session is an introduction to Zoom Meetings and aims to orientate staff new to the platform. This session will highlight the affordances and limitations of online synchronous teaching using Zoom and covers a broad set of the tools’ features including: 

  • Share - show desktop and applications (ppt, browser) while teaching  
  • Online group management - enable group activities in virtual classroom 
  • Interactivity - incorporate online polls and digital whiteboards into the virtual classroom  
  • Record - save and share session for asynchronous delivery 
  • Security – how to avoid being ‘Zoom bombed’ 


This session is offered online and for the optimal experience it is advised participants join using a dedicated headset and webcam. Go to the Workshops page for details on how to book for the workshop. 


Zoom virtual classroom refresher (1hr) 

This session is aimed at staff experienced with using Zoom Meetings that would like to learn more about the recent updates and changes to the tool. The session outlines the types of considerations staff should plan for when delivering synchronous teaching using the latest Zoom version. 


This session is offered online and for the optimal experience it is advised participants join using a dedicated headset and webcam. 


Go to the Workshops page for details on how to book for the workshop. 


Video resource

  • How to set-up Zoom meetings on your Course site in learnonline. 
  • How to download and install Zoom and Start a Zoom meeting. We recommend that you follow the download and install process at least the day before you are required to use it to ensure that Zoom works on your computer. If you have trouble with the installation please contact the IT Help Desk. 
  • How to Start a Meeting and some of the basic features in Zoom.


Online Learning & Teaching Guides

You may wish to consult the following guides for further suggestions on how to use Zoom to facilitate learning in your courses.