Curriculum & Assessment Policies


Here you will find links to the policies that govern our teaching and learning, along with additional explanations and interpretations to help guide you.

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Academic Board

Academic Board approves new programs and major changes to existing programs.  It meets

See the Academic Board site for more information.

Academic Standards and Quality Committee

The Academic Standards and Quality Committee meets eight times a year to review proposed program developments and deliver recommendations to Academic Board.

See the Academic Standards and Quality Committee site for more information.

Assessment Policies and Procedures Manual

This is one of the most important documents you should read. 

Whilst staff are sometimes given a printed copy of the APPM, you should always ensure the latest version is accessed online from the Assessment Policies and Procedures Manual site.

Academic Policies

The Academic Policies site lists every policy so if you need to find something specific, there is a good chance you will find it here.

Academic Guidelines, Procedures and Regulations

The Academic Guidelines, Procedures and Regulations site also lists additional guidelines.

Codes of Good Practice

There are further guidelines on the Codes of Good Practice site.

Copyright of Content

If you want to know everything about copyright, then visit UniSA's Copyright site.

This link also appears in the Course Essentials block on every learnonline course site, so be sure to direct your staff and students to the link.

Another link in every Course Essentials block is Copyright Management. Part of your course administration is to ensure all course material has a copyright status. This Copyright Management links to a single page where you can update the status for all course materials.

The automatic lecture recording system in some lecture theatres requires copyright governance. To understand the requirements we have put in place, and the things you need to remember, please visit the Copyright and Notices page in the Lecture Recordings Help resource.

Another useful resource is the Australian Copyright Council website.