"Hands down the best teaching course I have ever done in 20 years at UniSA.  5 stars.

This course did for me what Top Gun is doing for the air force. It is reinvigorating!

It will remind you of all the good reasons we teach and how to get the best performance out of ourselves, the students and the tools we have. The momentum I gained from this course is still alive a year later.  This is the best investment in my teaching I have ever made.

If you are feeling tired of your current teaching efforts and that your teaching tank is empty, this course is for you. If you are feeling like you are at that ‘mid-career’ point in your teaching career and could really do with some inspiration. Then this is the course for you! 

You work with your existing courses, which means you can put everything you learn into effect straight away.  It made me realise that my understanding of teaching theory was minimal, so I would make changes, see success, and not know why.  The foundation knowledge from this course means I now know why the things I do work and also why some ideas just won’t. 

The staff are committed, knowledgeable and exceptionally supportive.  I gained a network of experts I still look to for advice and mentoring. I am now so much more aware of the teaching recourses and experts that surround us at UniSA.  I have recommended this course to everyone I know who has a teaching role."

Associate Professor Anne Souvertjis (formerly Sharp)
Senior Marketing Scientist | Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science


"Since starting the course I have applied for two roles at UniSA, one of which I interviewed for. I felt more confident and calm going into this having been able to better articulate my practice, goals and achievements. I also have renewed plans to improve teaching for next semester and beyond."


"It filled in the missing pieces for me.”


"I learned new SoTL language, theories and confidence"


"Very well-designed course. The use of the modules was an excellent way to set a foundation."