myCourseExperience (mCE) – Comment removal procedure

DATE: March 2023

AMENDMENTS: Version 230316

REFERENCE AUTHORITY: Director: Teaching Innovation Unit (or nominee)


The following procedure is to facilitate the appropriate decision making for the removal of mCE comments.


  • Removal of comments from:
    • Individual Course evaluation.
    • Teacher evaluation.
  1. Student rights and responsibilities when adding mCE Course and/or Teacher evaluation comments:
    1. Students have the right to communicate freely and provide legitimate comment and feedback about course content, teaching staff or their student experiences without fear of reprisal. Feedback may also be provided through membership of UniSA committees, Academic Unit forums, student surveys, or the complaint reporting process.
    2. Students have the responsibility to provide respectful and constructive feedback about teaching and the quality of courses and programs through UniSA’s evaluation processes.
  2. Staff may request that comments which are abusive, derogatory or denigrate or discriminate against UniSA community members are removed.
  3. Dean of Programs or Executive Dean approval is required in writing.
  4. A Help Desk ticket, with the required information, is submitted and IT Help Desk Team escalate to the Technology Enhanced Learning Team.
  5. The Technology Enhanced Learning Team Review the Help Desk ticket for essential information:
    1. Dean of Programs or Executive Dean written approval.
    2. Academic’s name, if raised by another staff member, Study period, Year, Course Code and Full course name.
    3. Reason for removal.
    4. mCE comment.
  6. If this information is not included or additional information is needed, the Technology Enhanced Learning Team will respond to the requestor asking for the missing / additional information.
  7. The Technology Enhanced Learning Team will determine if the comment to be removed fits within the guidelines provided. If yes, begin the removal process.  If unclear, escalate to Director TIU for review and a decision.
  8. The Technology Enhanced Learning Team will respond to the Help Desk ticket with the outcome. Then follow the standard Help Desk ticket process to solve and close the ticket.

Note: The BI Hub Staff activity report data is synchronised weekly, on a Monday, any changes will be reflected in the staff members activity report following the synchronisation.