Learning technologies: myCourseExperience

Students can complete an online myCourseExperience evaluation for each delivery of a course including short courses. This is aligned with policy A35A (Quality assurance and improvement: Programs, courses and teaching arrangements) and Higher Education Threshold Standards (standard 5.3) which requires that a course be evaluated each time it is delivered.


Accessing myCourseExperience

UniSA staff can access myCourseExperience from the Courses section of myUniSA.

About myCourseExperience

Students access the myCourseExperience homepage which displays all the course and teacher evaluations related to the student's individual enrolment.

The myCourse Experience questionnaire consist of two parts:

  • The first segment of the questionnaire invites students to complete course evaluations for the course deliveries in which they are enrolled
  • The second segment asks students to evaluate their teachers.

Only instructors (teachers) who are assigned to classes in which the student is enrolled are displayed.

On completion of each evaluation, students are returned to the myCourseExperience homepage where they can select the next evaluation to complete.

Students are guided through the process by a completion status that highlights incomplete evaluations with a red flag and completed evaluations with a green tick.

Teachers are encouraged to upload their photograph, which is displayed to students adjacent to the corresponding teacher evaluation. This will prompt students to respond in a meaningful way.

myCourseExperience questions

myCourseExperience contains 13 core questions, including five Likert scale and two free-text response course questions, and four Likert scale and two free-text response teacher questions. The Teaching and Learning Committee (TALC) and Senior Management Group (SMG) have approved all questions following validation testing with students.

Course Coordinators have the ability to add two additional course and two additional teacher questions from the optional questions bank.

Course Core Questions

  1. Overall, I was satisfied with the quality of this course
  2. I have a clear idea of what is expected of me in this course.
  3. The assessment items assisted my learning in this course.
  4. I have received feedback that is constructive and helpful.
  5. The learnonline course site resources were of a high quality
  6. Overall, what are the strengths of this course?
  7. Are there any ways this course could be improved?

Teacher Core Questions

  1. Overall, I was satisfied with the performance of the staff member
  2. The staff member supported my learning.
  3. The staff member helped me to understand key concepts of the course.
  4. The staff member helped to make the course interesting.
  5. What were the best aspects of this staff member's teaching?
  6. How could this staff member improve their teaching?

Optional questions bank

Two optional course and two optional teacher questions may be selected by the Course Coordinator from an extensive question bank and added to the questionnaire.

If no optional questions are selected, the evaluation will publish automatically with core questions only.

The evaluation scale

Core questions are rated on a Likert scale between 1 and 5 including:

  1. Strongly Disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Neutral
  4. Agree
  5. Strongly Agree

Mean value calculation

The scale is a weighted mean, with possible values between 100 (strongly agree) and -100 (strongly disagree).

It is calculated as follows:

(#strongly agree * 100) + (#agree * 50) + (#neutral * 0) + (#disagree * -50) +

(#strongly disagree * -100) / total # of responses.

The result is then rounded to 2 decimal places.

Legend: # means 'number of'; * means 'multiplied by'; + means 'added to'; / means 'divided by'.

How myCourseExperience works to gather feedback


The online myCourseExperience evaluation can be accessed using a link in the Course Essentials block of each learnonline course site. Students are also invited by email to complete evaluations for their course and teacher when the evaluation opens. A link to the evaluation is included in the email. Students receive up to two reminder emails until the evaluation is completed.

Evaluations are scheduled to open and close within a scheduled sequence for each study period. Course Coordinators and Academic Unit Administrators can modify the open and close dates.

No manual (paper-based) evaluation is available, however students can complete evaluations on their mobile phone or tablet at the end of their final class, as they would have with a paper-based evaluation.

Evaluation cycle

Course Coordinators are advised by email 25 days before the last teaching day that they have 13 days to add optional questions and modify open and close dates before the evaluation opens.

Action Trigger
Evaluations open date End of study period minus 30 days
Email invitation to Course Coordinator to select optional questions 14 days before evaluation open date
Email reminder 1 to Course Coordinator if no optional questions are selected 11 days before evaluation open date
Email reminder 2 to Course Coordinator if no optional questions are selected 8 days before evaluation open date
Question selection ends When the first response is received
Email invitation to students to complete evaluation Evaluation open date
First student reminder email 3 days after the evaluation open date
second student reminder email 7 days after the evaluation open date
Evaluations close Last day of study period


Evaluations for all courses are created at the beginning of each study period. Although actions are scheduled according to the table above, Course Coordinators and Academic Unit Administrators can select optional questions and modify opening dates at any time after the evaluation is created.

Evaluations must remain open for a minimum of one week. If the evaluation period is shortened, myCourseExperience will adjust the trigger dates for actions such as student invitation and reminder emails.

Viewing myCourseExperience response data

During evaluation

While your evaluation is open, you can view the student response rate, so if there is a low response rate you may encourage students to respond.  Detailed responses will not be available until the evaluation closes.

Post evaluation reports

Post evaluation reports can be accessed via the BI Hub as follows:

  • Course evaluation - All staff can access course evaluation data via the Current Student Evaluations page on the BI Hub.
  • Teacher evaluation - Approved senior staff can access teacher evaluation data using resources in the Restricted Student Evaluation of Teaching Folder in BI Reporting.

Program Directors can request reports through their Executive Dean who will lodge a VIP Request with Business Intelligence and Planning.

Assisstance with myCourseExperience

Removal of comments

From time to time an inappropriate comment may be received via myCourseExperience.  Students are informed that they have a responsibility to provide constructive feedback and are reminded of the Code of Conduct for students.  If you believe an inappropriate comment has been submitted for a course or teacher evaluation which breaches the code of conduct, you may request the comment is removed by:

  • Submitting a Help Desk request for the removal with the following information:
    • Written approval for the comment to be removed from your Dean of Programs or Executive Dean, or Academic Dirctor in UniSA Online.
    • The course name, study period and year.
    • The comment.
    • The reason why you believe the comment is inappropriate.
  • The Teaching Innovation Unit will review the request, and if required consult with your Dean of Programs/Academic Director. If approved, the comment will be removed. The outcome will be communicated to you via the Help Desk ticket

For more information about the comment removal process see: myCourseExperience - Comment removal procedure

myCourseExperience Resources

Technical problems

Log an IT Help Desk service call for software technical problems by:

  • Online request (preferred)
  • Phone: IT Help Desk 25000
  • Email: IT Help Desk

myCourseExperience Help

Help with using myCourseExperience can be accessed at the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team's Help site. 

For further assistance with evaluation please contact your: