7. Ongoing reviews

During the scholarship term, all ongoing recipients will be subject to eligibility reviews.

For the majority of ongoing recipients, the university will automatically run an eligibility review based on the criteria of the scholarship.  This review is usually in relation to your progress within your program, such as: grades, courses completed, enrolments, etc.   

For other ongoing recipients, we may need you to provide further information regarding your circumstances.  In these cases, an email will be sent advising that you will need to complete an online eligibility review.  The email will also advise how to complete the online review, and the date that the online review must be submitted by. 

This online eligibility review involves visiting myScholarships on the student portal and answering a few questions regarding your current circumstances and if you are still eligible to receive the scholarship.  You may also need to upload supporting documentation to support your responses to the eligibility criteria. 

You will then receive an automated email confirming your completion of the online eligibility review. 

If you provide the incorrect documenation, you will receive an email advising that your documents are invalid and you will be given an opportunity to re-submit the correct documentation before the closing date.  

It is important that you complete your online eligibility review prior to the closing date.

Assessments of the eligibility reviews will take place after the relevant census date or the relevant result release date.  Within 2 - 4 weeks of the census date or result release date, recipients will be advised of the outcome of their review and will continue to receive funding (if eligible).

Please note, the result release date of a study period is typically a few months after the completion of the study period.   Information on dates can be found in UniSA Academic Calendars.

Examples of reasons why a person may no longer be eligible to receive funding:

  • Circumstances have changed
  • Have not maintained GPA
  • Maximum amount of funding has been received
  • No longer enrolled in the minimum study load through personal choice
  • Did not complete the eligibility review before the due date

If there are circumstances beyond your control where you are unable to continue to meet the eligibility, please contact the Scholarship team at UniSA to discuss.



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